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Where Choice and Flexibility meet Automation and Efficiency

The Matrix Money Market Portal supports your daily money market trading activity by providing execution and same-day (T+0) settlement for an extensive list of industry-recognized money fund products. Features of the portal include:

• Diverse list of money funds
• Straight-through processing
• Multiple share classes, expense ratios and fee programs
• 12b-1s and/or service fees may be available *
• Multiple wire settlement options
• Selection tools


The new Money Fund Monitor™ provides information and research tools to help with the selection and due-diligence process for choosing money funds. Financial institutions can take advantage of system integration to gain automation, efficiency and a choice of settlement options, including single End-of-day or Intra-day wire settlement. Technology features include:

• Money Fund Monitor™, for fund research & selection **
• Trust system interfaces allow for direct file delivery
• Online access to your portfolio
• Automated and manual trading tools
• Rates, settlement and dividend information available in a download
• Trade entry, edit and release controls

Why is the Matrix Money Market Portal different from other portals?

Matrix helps you eliminate manual activity by capturing daily rates, position balances, dividends and transaction confirmations ready for import. Here are some examples:

• Independent from product affiliation
• Reduces risk and expense of multiple interfaces
• Reduces multiple wire settlements
• Parallels existing T+1 processes by using existing interface
• You retain long-title ownership of your fund accounts

For more information about the Money Market Portal, or to see a web-based demonstration, contact Michael Rice at 720-956-5450, or at

* For the performance of specific shareholder services, 12b-1s and/or service fees may be available pursuant to an agreement with the fund company.

**The Money Fund Monitor is a service of iMoneyNet mutual fund information provided on the site has been compiled by iMoneyNet from a variety of sources. MSCS does not perform due-diligence on the information and does not guarantee its accuracy or reliability.

Securities products and services are offered through MSCS Financial Services, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, and a subsidiary of Matrix Settlement and Clearance Services, LLC.